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  Hang Yi International Freight Agency Co., Ltd is a company with many years of history of the international freight forwarding Co. Ltd., is a dedicated line operating freight Proxy Companies from Chinese toSingapore,Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States DOOR TO DOOR service of goods, professional logistics service company to stand in for the customer to provide a safe, efficient, high level of service the. Between China with countries around the world dedicated to logistics and transport, international shipping, international express delivery, international air transport, international transport mode of establishing international logistics in the true sense. The characteristics of our services are door-to-door, the tax package, including customs clearance one-stop service. We continue to improve their service quality at the same time, gradually improve our service network and service range: the establishment of a number of city network receiving point, in the face of a large number of businesses rely on its strong professional and technical team, according to customer demand, combined with the characteristics of logistics services, the second generation of the global real-time networking cargo network the management system of our independent development has been officially opened, the realization of goods and information flow control in a timely manner. We will continue to improve its own service network for cross-border electricity supplier business, international procurement business, Chinese exporters, move overseas, providing international logistics optimal solutions, to improve the professional logistics service level of their own, is committed to the broad masses of customers to the lowest Jian Licheng, the fastest time, highest security of International logistics platform. In order to save you the cost of logistics, to enhance the competitiveness of your products as a meager strength. To give a more comprehensive service to the customers, give customers more value-added services, let Wang Yi stand on the international stage is the home of all my colleagues in the company into the future. Wang Yi all customer centered strategy, technology innovation "to reduce customer costs", the pursuit of speed, saving customers time ", and strive to establish a" service "brand.

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