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Product Name:American Railway Logistics
Product Category: International shipping DDU line
Starting point:義烏 廣州
  From Yi Wu ocean to the United States need to take the shipping process
  The inquiry, booking, customs declaration, bill of lading, packing, making preparation for customs clearance documents and delivery
  1, the inquiry: to provide the cabinet, cabinet volume and weight of single cabinet, port of shipment, port of destination, the time of shipment, name etc.. Understand the cut off, cut the feeding time, departure time, arrival time, etc..
  2, to accept the offer after booking arrangements: fill in the consignment note (BOOKING) booking, timely tracking position paper (S/O), prior to loading to S/O, to the car hit single (Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday did not play a single owner). Loading as far as possible in the closing date 2 days ago, for customs clearance time.
  3, arrange the trailer loading loading loading time: to provide the address, telephone number, contact person.
  4, container loading into the dock, the need for timely arrange customs entry (or general trade to pay customs tax rebates).
  In Section 5, the owner fed check before the bill of lading, payment redeem, at the same time for other foreign required clearance (such as: Certificate of origin, etc.)
  6, prepare all the customs information together to overseas customers, L/C, D/A, D/P and other foreign bank, customer clearance delivery arrangement.
  The number and size of container loading:
  20GP: can be installed 28-30CBM, size: 5.88x2.32x2.36 meters
  40GP: can be installed 56-58CBM, size: 11.89x2.32x2.36 meters
  40HQ: can be installed 68-70CBM, size: 11.89x2.32x2.68 meters
  45HQ: can be installed 75-80CBM, size: 13.5x2.32x2.68 meters
  Through the whole process takes about 13 days from Shenzhen ocean to the United States

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